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1. Food4Wealth is the leading information product in a new market of DIY’ers, families and retirees seeking to grow their own food. Their motivation is simple – there is an ever growing concern over food security, quality and affordability around the world.  Food4Wealth is a simple method explained in a way that any person can easily start growing their own food and take control of their food quality, affordability and availability.

2. Food4Wealth provides answers for a growing market of gardeners seeking new ways of solving the many problems they face in their gardens. Food4Wealth has helped hundreds of seasoned gardeners increase their yield and reduce their workload with fresh, innovative ideas.

3. People are creating more demand for organically grown products as commercial agriculture continues to contribute to large-scale environmental degradation. Food4Wealth is the most environmentally and ecologically positive method of growing organic food.  Food4Wealth provides answers to how we should be growing our food at home – ecologically and organically.

Food4Wealth has been written by Jonathan White, an experienced, professional environmental scientist and gardener.  Jonathan, with over 20 years experience and personal research, has developed a comprehensive package of techniques to allow gardeners to enjoy growing food in their plots with higher yields and less work.  Jonathan’s easy-to-understand style makes Food4Wealth perfect for beginners and advanced gardeners alike.

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