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At The Home Garden we always have some sort of container garden. Usually it’s herbs because they do so well in containers and it’s very easy to walk out to our patio and grab some for a salad or use in a cooking recipe. But what exactly is container gardening?

It can be traced back as far as the 600’s B.C. to Babylonia where they had gardens hanging off stone columns. Then later in the 300’s A.D. to Greece. They had container gardens on top of their homes in brick containers. Today we put them in almost anything. If your vegetable gardening space is limited this could be a great choice for you. A window sill, a porch, a deck, a balcony or even a door step can work. If you have a garden, and have soil problems this could also be a great choice for you. It is also easier to take care of a container garden as far as diseases, pest management and watering. Container vegetable gardening is a great way to introduce children to the joys and rewards of vegetable gardening.

Vegetable Selection

So where do you start? I think you should decide what you want to grow first. You will have to take a look at what space you have available, decide on which vegetables will be most important to you. Almost any thing you can grow in your backyard vegetable garden can be grown in containers. Vegetables that are suited for container vegetable gardening include peppers, lettuce, spinach, onions, radishes, tomatoes, beans, egg plant and herbs. Vegetables that might work that I would stay away from would be cucumbers, zucchini and any vine type vegetable. Our cucumbers for example typically take up more than 200 square feet. Herbs have always been a good choice to put in containers as would lettuce and spinach. You can mix up the seed and as your lettuce and spinach grow you will have a ready made salad, just cut yourself some and put in a bowl.

Hopefully this will help you get started on your own vegetable container gardening.


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