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I Found Huge Health Benefits Packed Into Their Tiny Bodies


On a boat off the coast of Antarctica, fishermen are scrambling across the deck.

They’re hard at work trolling icy waters.

But not for fish.

They’re searching for a sea creature.

It’s a red-pigmented relative of shrimp. I’ve recently discovered a huge health benefit packed into its tiny body. It’s a surprisingly strong power that can penetrate every individual cell in your body and help it to function at its optimum level.

I’m talking about the cells in your gut, your heart, your muscles, your immune system, your joints, and most incredibly, even the cells in your brain. It’s like giving all your cells a maintenance check and a tune up –and then doing it again every single day.

I put it together with some equally unique “amplifying” ingredients and made a formula to boost its effectiveness. Now I’ve just finished testing it at my Wellness Institute.

People love what it does for them.

Listen to what Don L. said after taking it for only 4 days:

This stuff is incredible. I had a pain in my left shoulder for 15 years. Gone! Now, I can hardly imagine what it felt like before.”

Or John C. – “My hip used to ache every morning. My son came over to visit and said ‘Pop, what happened? You’re not limping.’ I’m amazed.

Or Dana A. - “This is the first time I woke up without pain in I can’t remember how long!”

Incredibly, this Antarctic sea creature is only 2 inches long. It’s so small you could hold a bunch in your hand at once. It’s very plentiful but only in the hard to access coldest waters on the planet.

It may just be the healthiest food ever. And yet we never eat it!

Now, I’ve sourced it form the purist waters on Earth to make it part of a breakthrough that is three generations better than fish oil.

But I’m getting ahead of myself… Let me tell you this story from the beginning.

It starts with the huge power of this tiny Antarctic sea creature….

This Tiny Sea Creature
Will Make Your Fish Oil Obsolete

This sea creature swims in large groups near the South Pole. Scientists call it Euphausia Superba, but its common name is Antarctic krill.

Antarctic Krill Oil

At my Center for Health and Wellness in Palm Beach, this unique krill oil has my office buzzing like I haven’t witnessed in years. It’s proving to be the best formula for joints I’ve ever developed.

A Swiss study found krill oil helped support healthy joints in mice by 81% more than fish oil. It’s more potent and absorbable than fish oil too.1

Krill works at the deepest levels of your joints, getting into the actual joint tissue that fish oil can’t. This is the reason it’s so much more effective at promoting healthy joints.

But that’s not all it helps….

As research data started to pour in from around the world, it only added to our excitement.

The healing power penetrates everywhere including your heart.

Just look at what it does for heart muscle. Norwegian scientist recently published an incredible study looking at the effect this creature’s oil has on the heart muscle of rats that had heart attacks.

There were two groups.

The first group was given krill oil before a heart attack was induced and the second was given krill oil after a heart attack was induced.

It turns out that every single one of the rats in this study—those treated before and after—showed significantly higher heart-protecting omega-3s in their heart tissue.2

And, the rats that received their dose of krill oil before their heart attack had a significant reduction in the indicators of left ventricular damage.

It’s because the power of this special oil is so deeply penetrating into the heart tissue itself that it can promote normal left ventricular function in a healthy heart.

I’ve researched nutrition and medicine my whole life and one thing I know for sure… If I ever have a heart attack I want the most omega-3 protection for those cells in my heart muscle that I can get.

And this new study is not alone.

Recently, a randomized study of 113 people compared fish oil and krill oil. For 7 weeks, one third received fish oil, one third received krill oil and the rest received nothing.

Krill oil’s omega-3s were 27% more absorbent and powerful. Boosting omega-3 levels faster and with smaller dosages.3

Proving krill oil is more bio-available, absorbable, and more potent than fish oil.*

It really makes your stinky old fish oil obsolete.

Luckily, you don’t have to travel to the Antarctic to get the very best and most potent form of this unique krill oil.

I’m happy to announce I’ve included Euphausia superba Antarctic krill oil in my new Ultra Omeganol formula.

Ultra Omeganol is a groundbreaking new formula that gives you the best combination of concentrated, fast-absorbing and easy–to-digest omega-3s on the planet.*

The Tiny Antarctic Sea Creature Reaches
Fish Oil Can’t…

For instance, fish oil can’t enter the mitochondria (the tiny energy-makers in your cells).

Krill can.4

Amazingly, this allows krill oil’s omega-3s to help support mitochondria’s production of energy. The loss of energy make’s doing the things you love, and getting up in the morning tougher—while putting your health under great strain.

This is particularly important in your brain and heart since they have the most mitochondria, and need the most energy.5,6,7

I recommend my patients use a form of CoQ10 called ubiquinol formula to replenish natural energy loss. But krill oil’s ability to flood your mitochondria with omega-3s certainly provides a nice energy enhancement too.

By entering the mitochondria of your cells krill oil can also help support a healthy metabolism.8

That’s what a study out of Italy looked at recently.

According to the study, krill oil enters the liver and inhibits three key enzymes in involved in the metabolism of fat…

While also reducing liver triglycerides 50% more than fish oil and decreasing cholesterol levels 36% more than fish oil.9

A Norwegian study also found that krill oil showed significant effects on glucose in the liver and metabolizing fat, helping promote healthy levels of fat in the liver and blood.10

But it’s not just the enzymes, fat, and glucose that it deals with through the mitochondria.

In my research, I’ve found that krill oil also helps support healthy function of the endocannabinoid system.11 It’s key in physiological processes like appetite, pain-sensation, mood and memory.

You will find that in people who are obese, this system is overactive, potentially can even lead to increased food intake and slowed metabolic function.

Imagine the massive difference it would make, returning these unbalanced process to normal.

The only reason any of this is at all possible is because krill oil can get powerful omega-3s deep into cells all over your body.

You Will Feel the Difference
From Your Very First Capsule

This special superba krill oil also makes Ultra Omeganol mix well with your stomach. Since it mixes so well in your stomach, it won’t cause any fish burps, reflux and indigestion that make taking fish oil so unpleasant.

A passion for

uncovering the truth

Dr. SearsYou might think it’s unusual for a doctor to say no to cardio…but Dr. Al Sears, MD, has a long history of debunking common medical myths.

He was the first doctor to expose the true cause of heart disease—and it’s not red meat. To take a stand against traditional medicine, he published his scientific proof in the best-selling book The Doctor’s Heart Cure. He shows that it’s possible to eliminate your risk of heart disease without dangerous drugs or surgery.

Dr. Sears also exposed the hidden dangers of aerobics, “cardio” and long-distance running in PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution. This book details the scientific reasons why no one should do traditional cardio. It also reveals how you can follow his P.A.C.E. method to retrain your body to burn fat while you rest.

In Your Best Health Under the Sun, he debunked one of the biggest myths of our time… the misconception that the sun is your enemy.

After entering private practice, Dr. Sears was one of the first to be board-certified in anti-aging medicine. He is licensed in the U.S. to administer TA-65, the most important breakthrough in anti-aging medicine today.

When he’s not at his clinic, Dr. Sears is out trekking through jungles and climbing some of the world’s tallest mountains in search of herbs, little-known cures and traditional remedies.

He has met with doctors and healers from Peru, Brazil, India, Jamaica, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, and South Africa. He’s then shared this knowledge of natural healing with his patients and newsletter readers around the world.

Most recently, Dr. Sears spent 10 weeks exploring the African continent. He studied how doctors and herbalists are treating—and healing—advanced cancers with the powerful herbs that grow in Africa’s dense forests. He is currently writing a book to get this information into the hands of people everywhere.

From the first day I took it I couldn’t believe the difference from fish oil. I know from my own experience I could never take the dosages of fish oil I wanted, because the taste and unease in my stomach made it so unpleasant.

Now, with Ultra Omeganol it just goes down and stays down so much easier I can take all I want with no problems.

I even tested just how easy Ultra Omeganol is to take by taking six capsules (three times what I recommend) every morning for six days on an empty stomach.

Incredibly, my stomach was fine every single day, and I didn’t smell afterwards. Immediately I noticed a difference that you will too when you start taking Ultra Omeganol.

I’m sure you know from your own experience, that if you took six times the dosage of a fish oil your stomach would be a wreck.

The reason it’s so easy on your stomach is krill’s delivery system. You see it’s omega-3s are bound phospholipids that disperse in water.

So it doesn’t sit on the top of your stomach like fish oil and cause fish burps, reflux and indigestion.

I tell you, you are going to feel a difference the very first time you take Ultra Omeganol.

For me, it wasn’t just how easy that fish oil was on my stomach. I also noticed it working in my joints and muscles. Helping relieve pain in my shoulders and knees that I have had for years.

But just a few days after I started taking Ultra Omeganol, I woke up and the pain was gone.

Krill oil’s delivery system is also perfect for helping the massive benefits of another sea creature I’ve found penetrate every cell in your body.

This sea creature is loaded with the most potent but overlooked omega-3, that makes it a powerful one-two punch with krill oil…

I Combined It with An Oil From Another Deep Sea Creature For An Even More Powerful One-Two Punch

I’ve found another incredibly healthy, slightly larger, sea creature, from deep waters off the coast of Argentina.

This creature’s size ranges from about 7 inches to 40 inches long. It’s another link in the food chain, and important for you, because it’s the greatest source of a potent but overlooked form of omega-3.

This omega-3 is DHA.

The US Department of Agriculture has studied it closely. Finding that, in combination with lutein, it improved verbal fluency scores and rate of learning in elderly patients.12

A few years back, I found something interesting in the famous, long running Framingham Heart Study.

DHA levels are an early warning sign for dementia.

It turns out that patients with the highest levels (the top quarter) had a 47% lower risk of dementia than those with lower DHA levels.13

Two things are clear from my years of research: it’s vital for a healthy brain, and you NEED more DHA.

Unfortunately, your fish oil is drowning in EPA, and can’t give you the vital DHA you need. This is bad for two reasons…

  1. When you take EPA, your body has to convert it to DHA. However, the change can be wasteful and poor. Costing you potency, valuable omega-3s, and money in the end.
  1. DHA is better at supporting healthy brain14 function, eye health15, nerve tissue, and healthy, normal inflammatory responses.* It’s virtually the only omega-3 acid of brain , eye and nerve tissues too.

Yet, most companies, and many of my colleagues still recommend fish oils short on DHA.

If you’re lucky you’ll get one with about 3:2 EPA to DHA. But many popular brands have a ratio of 7:1 or worse!

What a waste!

But I’ve found a unique Argentinean Squid with about 2:116 DHA to EPA. The highest concentration of DHA I’ve found yet.

This level of squid oil gives Ultra Omeganol plenty of potent and fast-absorbing DHA…that thanks to krill oil…can absorb quicker and travel more freely all over your body.

One Of The Last Potent And Pristine Oils

That Almost NO ONE Is Talking About

But there is something else that’ll make the benefits of DHA and EPA even more powerful…

Eliminating the toxins (like mercury, and PCBs) from your fish oil that counteract the effectiveness of it.

The solution is to find a fish oil source that is pristine…and I’ve found one for you. Alaskan pollock.

Recently a group of scientists conducted a study on the cleanliness of our water. They tested about 300 streams across the U.S. In those streams, 100% of the fish had mercury contamination.17

More than two-thirds had more mercury than the Environmental Protection Agency says is safe.

But Alaskan pollock come from the unspoiled Bering Sea, making it toxin and pollutant free.

The American Heart Association has it on their list of fish low in mercury.*18 And even the FDA—who I disagree with on almost everything—actually got one right, listing Alaskan pollock as safe to eat too.19

It’ll take a while, but I believe pollock could replace toxic fish oils; with studies just starting to pop up about its potency.

I read one of the first from Japan that looked at its effect on cholesterol and fatty acids in mice fed a high-fat diet. They found it supported healthier HDL levels by 33% after two weeks, rising to 38% after six weeks.

It also helped increase omega-3 in their blood three-fold, and in the liver two-fold. While helping properly balance omega-6 levels by 50% in the blood and 31% in the liver.20

The good news is, because I’ve included Alaskan pollock oil in Ultra Omeganol you don’t have to wait for the mainstream to catch up.

Also, I’ve included a very special ingredient that makes sure your Ultra Omeganol NEVER GOES BAD.

Ultra Omeganol “Regenerates”

So It Never Spoils Or Loses Its Potency

Even if you overcome the problem with most fish oils, that is that they are contaminated with heavy metals and pollutants, there is still this problem… No matter how pristine thay are when you collect them, fish oils quickly go rancid. That’s why they smell so bad.

The spoiling is a process of oxidation of the fatty acids in fish oil. This means as soon as you open a bottle of fish oil it immediately starts to lose its potency and will eventually spoil.

Despite Ultra Omeganol’s high omega-3 content it doesn’t spoil because I’ve added astaxanthin.

Astaxanthin is the world’s most powerful antioxidant 6,000 times more effective than vitamin C, 800 times more than CoQ10 and 550 times more than vitamin E.*21,22

It gets into every cell of your body. Protecting the parts of cells that dissolve in fats or water.

It even regenerates powerful, fast-absorbing, and easy-to-digest omega-3s. So they never weaken.

Also, astaxanthin has the unique ability to cross the blood-brain barrier and penetrate the brain.23 So it can help deliver all of the DHA in squid oil right to your brain.

Get Ultra Omeganol For Supreme Support Of An Aging Brain, Strong Heart, Healthy Cholesterol
And More…

I’m very excited to be able to finally make Ultra Omeganol available to you with a special pre-order opportunity today.

It can flood you with the powerful, fast acting omega-3s you need to help revive an aging brain, support your heart and healthy cholesterol levels within the normal range, and so much more.*

Ultra Omeganol offers you the very best of fish oil – supercharged – without the bad.


It’s more bio-available, absorbing more quickly, and more efficiently than fish oil throughout your WHOLE BODY.*


It settles and mixes gently in your stomach, which means no more fishy burps or aggravating stomach issues.


It’s loaded with more all-important DHA’s, for even better heart, brain and cell support.*


It includes only the cleanest, most sustainable, and environmentally friendly ingredients. Making it FREE of mercury, PCBs, and other toxins.


Plus, Ultra Omeganol will never go rancid before your finish your bottle. Astaxanthin keeps it fresh. So it’s as potent in a month as it is the day you receive it.

I pride myself on trying to discover “What’s Next?” and “What’s Better?” to provide you with natural, powerful, and unique supplements. I look for quantum leaps forward.

My formulas are made from the very best, cleanest and most powerful natural sources on the planet. Whether I have to travel there myself, or find a partner to help me get them.

The quality of ingredients I use, and the months of back-breaking research…is what leads to breakthroughs like Accel, Ultra Accel, Estro-Cleanse and of course Essence.

Ultra Omeganol is that kind of breakthrough, and I’m happy to share it with you today.

Pre-Order The Powerful, Fast Absorbing, Easily Digestible And Toxin-Free Ultra Omeganol Today!

I take your health very seriously. As if you were one of my family members.

That’s why we only use the absolute best, natural ingredients in every one of our products. I can guarantee you Ultra Omeganol doesn’t include a single synthetic ingredient.

In addition, my warehouse checks each shipment to ensure it matches my high standards.

If it doesn’t, we don’t ship it.

In July of this year, we received a shipment of dented bottles. Instead of selling them, even though they were still potent, I gave them out to my staff and patients.

I’m doubly as strict with the quality of ingredients we use in any of my formulas. I would never create a formula, if I couldn’t get you the very best and most potent ingredients.

It may hurt the financial side of our business, but the quality of my products, and being able to give you a real alternative is more important to me.

So you can choose for yourself and not let the pharmaceutical companies dictate to you.

I wouldn’t put my name on my products otherwise.

As you know, Ultra Omeganol contains krill oil, squid oil and pollock oil for a perfect mix of omega-3 power. Plus, the world’s strongest antioxidant, Astaxanthin, for its anti-aging benefits.

You can order a bottle of Ultra Omeganol today, for just $49.95 plus shipping.

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Pre-Order Ultra Omeganol Today
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Ultra Omeganol gets deep down into the cells in your gut, your heart, your muscles, your immune system, your joints, and most incredibly, even the cells in your brain. It’s like giving all your cells a maintenance check and a tune up –and then doing it again every single day.

You will feel a difference almost immediately.

And notice more energy too, as a by-product of having so many super-charged and fast absorbing DHA omega-3s in your body. Or maybe it’ll be because your stomach isn’t upset.

I firmly believe supplementing with omega-3s is a necessity, for a healthy heart, mind, and body as you age.

Unfortunately, not all fish oil and omega-3 supplements are created equal.

Ultra Omeganol will give you all of the powerful, fast-acting omega-3s you need, with plenty of DHA and a healthy dose of astaxanthin too.

It’ll mean no more fishy burps, toxins, and risk of your omega-3s going bad.

It’s the perfect combination, to help you maintain optimal heart health.
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To Your Good Health,

Dr. Sears Signature

Al Sears, MD

P.S. Ultra Omeganol contains the very best omega-3 oils that are powerful and free of toxins and pollutants. Almost immediately, it’ll start helping you balance your fatty acids to support healthy inflammatory responses and promote a healthy heart.

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