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Fall has always been my favorite time of year, work slows done a little and the temperature starts to cool down and I love all the fall sports. But spring is slowly starting to become my favorite, temperatures start warming (especially after the winter we had) and there is such a regeneration of things.

I really enjoy watching as the first plants start to peak their way out of the soil. It’s like their checking to make sure everything is okay for them to come out. Then when the tulips and daffodils’ start flowering it really starts to get exciting. As the trees start budding I patiently wait for my fruit trees to start flowering, it is such a beautiful sight.

I enjoy the first time I hear mowers running and the smell of the first cutting of grass. Everyone is out working in their yards or walking their dogs, it’s kind of like we are bears in hibernation all winter and we can finally come out into the warmth of spring.

Spring is also a time for animals to birth their young. We have a small pond on our acreage and I especially enjoy watching as mallard ducks and geese raise their young. The young ducks and geese follow their mothers as if they had a string attached, if she turns right they turn right, if she goes into the water they follow, never questioning and always trusting.

Very soon I will be tilling the garden and getting it ready for seeding and transplants. I can already taste my first salad of lettuce, spinach and radishes. I enjoy eating salads but when they come out of your own garden, you just can’t believe the taste difference. As I was checking out my fruit trees I noticed little seedlings of lettuce from last year coming up and also cucumber seedlings, there must have been seeds left over in the soil. I try and rotate all my vegetables each year so I probably will have to till the lettuce up but I think I will try and save the cucumbers, I can always move them.


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