The Home Garden- April


Wow its finally spring, we have had snow on the ground since December. I hoped to be in my garden in March but the snow didn’t melt till the middle of the month. It’s April and time to start getting The Home Garden ready. There’s not a whole lot to do yet, but I want to start getting the soil ready.

I added a few pictures of my perennials, rhubarb looks great and my chives are already growing like crazy. All of my fruit trees have buds on them and I am praying we don’t have another frost. My neighbor added some bee hives last year and I am excited to see if they will help pollinate my fruit trees to help them produce more fruit.

As far my garden I usually cover it with grass clippings in the fall. Then in spring I till the garden and add compost from our local dairy farm. They are an organic dairy farm and produce great compost. I usually spread the compost over my garden and till it in and the results later in the year are amazing.

My fruit trees have been a little neglected the last few years, but I am on a mission to get them to produce more fruit. Last year I bought an organic fertilizer and drilled holes in the soil around the trees and then added the fertilizer. I concentrated on watering them more than I had in the past and by the end of the year they all had grown 11/2 to 2 feet, more than they had grown in the last few years.

I am excited to start planting my garden but I don’t want to get ahead of myself because we still have a chance of frost. In the next couple of weeks we will start planting lettuce, spinach and radishes, the cool weather plants.


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