Tomatoes- The Most Popular Vegetable in Home Gardens


This year at The Home Garden we planted 16 tomato plants, 8 Roma, 4 Big Boys and 4 Early Girls. Growing tomatoes is one of the easiest vegetables to grow and you can grow them in your garden or in containers. All of our transplants are in the garden and starting to grow. It got down to 40 degrees last night and we had a chance of frost. We have such a big garden it would have been very difficult to cover everything. We planted so many plants because we always seem to run out of salsa about this time of year. We also plan on making, spaghetti sauce and tomato juice. If you haven’t chose your tomatoes for your Home Garden you may want to consider these varieties. I listed some of the characteristics of each varieties and why we chose them.

Roma Tomato- Roma tomato works great in spaghetti sauce or tomato paste because it a much meatier tomato. The tomato is pear shaped with a thicker skin and few seeds. They ripen in 75 days from planting.

Early Girl- We plant Early Girl every year. You can’t ask for faster, better tasting tomato. They produce huge crops of 4-6 oz. fruits and work great for caning. As the name implies they ripen in 52 days from the time of planting.

Big Boy- Big Boy is a sweet, fragrant, red smooth skinned tomato that can weigh up to a pound! It’s a strong grower and very disease resistant. They will produce fruit all summer long and ripen in 78 days from planting.


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