Learn the basics of growing potatoes, from planting to harvest. Get tips on sun requirements, feeding, and pest control for a successful potato crop!


What soil is good for Potatoes?

Deep, rich soil with plenty of compost mixed in.


How much sun do Potatoes need?

Full sun, protected from strong winds.

Frost Tolerant

Are Potatoes frost tolerant?

Will tolerate light frost


How much space do Potatoes need?

 30-40cm apart


When should I plant Potatoes?

Potatoes will grow well in daytime temperatures between 15 and 27°C (59–80°F). 

In cooler climates, they are best planted in spring (after last frost) and/or late summer/early autumn. 

 In hot climates, plant in autumn/winter. 

Potatoes can be grown in the ground or in large containers. 

In Ground- Dig trenches in the soil and place the Potatoes in with shoots facing upwards. You can mound the soil where you place your Potato to improve drainage. Place Potatoes around 40cm apart. Cover the Potatoes with a 10cm layer of soil and water in well. As the Potato shoots begin to grow above the soil surface, gradually cover the stems with soil. This process, known as hilling, encourages the plants to form roots along the buried stems on which more Potatoes will form, increasing overall yield. 

Cointaner Growing- Choose a big container, the bigger, the better. Plastic pots, tubs or even hessian bags can be used, just ensure that they have adequate drainage holes. You can prepare a growing medium using a 50/50 blend of potting mix and good quality compost. Add a layer of the growing mix into your container, at least 10cm deep. Lay your Potatoes on the surface, 30cm apart, with the shoots pointing upwards. Cover the Potatoes with another 10cm layer of growing mix and water well. As the shoots develop, gradually cover the stem with more mix, up to an additional 40cm deep. Finally, cover the mix with straw or sugarcane mulch to help hold in moisture. 


What do I feed Potatoes?

Apply an organic liquid fertiliser throughout the season. 


When can I harvest Potatoes?

You can start to harvest Potatoes any time after about 8 weeks, by digging around plants while they’re still growing and taking out a few new or small Potatoes. The longer the plants are left to grow, the bigger the potatoes will become. For a complete harvest wait until the Potato plants have begun to die down. 


What pests do Potatoes get?

Aphids, Capsid Bugs, Millipede, Slug, Snail, Wireworm, Potato Beetle, Cutworm, Flea Beetle, Leafhopper, 28 Spotted Ladybug


What diseases do Potatoes get?

Late Blight, Verticillium wilt, Bacterial Ring Rot, Soft Rot, Scab, Black Dot, Black scurf & Rhizoctonia Canker, Gray Mold, Pink Rot, Blight, Leaf Roll


Is there anything else I need to know about Potatoes?

It's recommended not to plant Potatoes that you have purchased from the supermarket. Instead, plant 'seed Potatoes" that are certified virus-free. This avoids the potential of introducing viruses to your soil and gives you the best change for a great harvest. Seed Potatoes should be available at your local nursery. 

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