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Image tomatogrowing

Tomato Growing Tips

When thinking about homegrown produce, you can't quite go past the humble Tomato! Tomatoes are one of the most satisfying crops to grow, providing an abundance of fruit in very little space. N…

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Image whygrowyourown

Why Grow Your Own?

Growing your own food has many health benefits both physically and mentally. The nutrients you receive from eating home grown produce are second to none. Being amongst nature is also great for the…

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Image seasonalplanting

Seasonal Planting

Most crops are seasonal, meaning they will grow best at certain times of the year and will either die off or stop producing at the end of that season. Planting seedlings and sowing seeds…

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Image chilli

Growing Chilli

Chilli plants are small to medium sized shrubs that are grown worldwide for their culinary use. These short lived perennials enjoy growing in warm temperatures. While the plants des…

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