Learn how to grow cauliflower. This guide will teach you everything from spacing and planting, to harvesting and troubleshooting.


What soil is good for Cauliflower?

Rich, deep, firm soil with plenty of well rotted compost mixed in.


How much sun does Cauliflower need?

Full sun

Frost Tolerant

Is Cauliflower frost tolerant?



How much space does Cauliflower need?

 Around 40-50cm apart.


When should I plant Cauliflower?

Cauliflower is a cool season crop that is usually planted in autumn, in most climates. 

For a head start, seeds can be sown indoors in late summer and seedlings transplanted in autumn. Seeds can also be sown in autumn. 

If transplanting seedlings, plant out in the early morning or evening and/or on an overcast day. Avoid planting at peak sun times or on windy days, this will allow your plants to settle in comfortably and protect them from windburn and sunburn.   


What do I feed Cauliflower?

Apply an organic fertiliser throughout the season.


When can I harvest Cauliflower?

Harvest when plant has formed a central head that is white, firm and large. Plants will only produce 1 head. 


What pests does Cauliflower get?

Aphids, Slug, Snail, Cabbage Moth, Cabbage White Butterfly, Diamondback Moth, Flea Beetle, Cutworm, Cabbage Root Fly, Cabbage Looper, Cucumber Beetle, Cabbage Worm, Root Knot Neematode, 28 Spotted Ladybug


What diseases does Cauliflower get?

Leaf Spot, Black Rot, Club Root, Downy Mildew, Bacterial Soft Rot, Black Leg, White Rust, Mosaic VIrus, Damping-off, Sclerotinia Stem Rot


Is there anything else I need to know about Cauliflower?

Gently fold the center leaves over to protect the cauliflower head from the sun white it's forming. 


How do I troubleshoot my growing problems?

Protect young seedlings from pests at the time of planting.

Regularly check the undersides of leaves for eggs, or use fine mesh/exclusion netting to prevent white butterflies from laying eggs on the underside of leaves, caterpillars can be detrimental to this plant. 

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