Learn everything you need to know about growing rosemary, from sun requirements to when to harvest. This guide also includes tips on pests and troubleshooting notes.


What soil is good for Rosemary?

Well draining soil with plenty of compost mixed in.


How much sun does Rosemary need?

Full sun

Frost Tolerant

Is Rosemary frost tolerant?

Yes, will tolerate mild frosts.


How much space does Rosemary need?

Plant at least 40cm apart


When should I plant Rosemary?

Late autumn or spring is the best time to transplant. If planting in summer or winter, protect from heat and frost. 

Plant out in the early morning or evening and/or on an overcast day. Avoid planting at peak sun times or on windy days, this will allow your plants to settle in comfortably and protect them from windburn and sunburn.  


What do I feed Rosemary?

Regular application of organic liquid fertiliser.


When can I harvest Rosemary?

Harvest stems frequently to promote new growth and to maintain the size of the shrub. The leaves can be used fresh, or dried for future use. 


What pests does Rosemary get?

Aphids, Slug, Snail, Red Spider Mites, Rosemary Leaf Beetle, Whitefly 


What diseases does Rosemary get?

 Cottony Soft Rot, Downy Mildew, Crown Gall, Powdery Mildew


Is there anything else I need to know about Rosemary?

Rosemary is a hardy plant that is for the most part pest and disease free. 

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