Learn how to grow delicious, nutritious rocket with our easy-to-follow guide. Just follow this guide and you'll have all the rocket you could ever need!


What soil is good for Rocket (Arugula)?

Rich, moisture retentive soil with plenty of compost mixed in. 


How much sun does Rocket (Arugula) need?

Full sun to partial shade

Frost Tolerant

Is Rocket (Arugula) frost tolerant?

Will tolerate mild frost


How much space does Rocket (Arugula) need?

Roughly 15cm apart


When should I plant Rocket (Arugula)?

Rocket (Arugula) is a cool season crop which grows best in temperatures between 10-25°(50-77°F).

Sow seeds in autumn and early spring. Will grow throughout winter in warm climates.  

If transplanting seedlings, plant out in the early morning or evening and/or on an overcast day. Avoid planting at peak sun times or on windy days, this will allow your plants to settle in comfortably and protect them from windburn and sunburn.  


What do I feed Rocket (Arugula)?

Not heavy feeders, although an organic liquid fertiliser can be applied throughout the season, particularly if the leaves start showing signs of deficiency. 


When can I harvest Rocket (Arugula)?

Harvest regularly by picking the larger outer leaves. Young leaves have a mild flavour and soft texture, older leaves are tougher in texture and have a lot more heat to them.   


What pests does Rocket (Arugula) get?

 Aphids, Slugs, Snail, Flea Beetle, Cabbage Root Fly, Cabbage Moth, Cabbage White Butterfly, Diamondback Moth


What diseases does Rocket (Arugula) get?

 Bacterial Leaf Spot, Downy Mildew, White Rust


Is there anything else I need to know about Rocket (Arugula)?

Hot weather causes the leaves to become quite hot and peppery in flavour, it also causes the plant to flower and go to seed. 

Rocket flowers are also edible.

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