Want to know how to grow lettuce? This guide provides tips on planting, watering, feeding and harvesting lettuce.


What soil is good for Lettuce?

Moisture retentive soil with plenty of compost mixed in.


How much sun does Lettuce need?

Lettuce is a cool season crop which grows best from autumn through to spring.

Loose Leaf lettuce grows best in full to part sun, however will also tolerate part shade. Headed lettuce, such as Iceberg requires a full sun position in order to form a head.  

Lettuce can be inter planted between larger crops in warmer seasons to shade it from the sun.  

Frost Tolerant

Is Lettuce frost tolerant?

No. Needs protection from frost. 


How much space does Lettuce need?

Roughly 25cm part


When should I plant Lettuce?

 Can be grown all year round, although will need to be kept shaded in summer and protected from frost in winter. 


What do I feed Lettuce?

Not a heavy feeder, a light application of organic liquid fertiliser can be used throughout the season. 


When can I harvest Lettuce?

Harvest leaves in the morning when leaves are cool, this is when they taste their best. Lettuce will also store in the fridge longer when harvested in the morning. Harvest the outer leaves as needed for a continuous harvest throughout the season, otherwise cut the plant off at the base or pull up from the root to harvest the entire plant. 


What pests does Lettuce get?

Aphids, Cutworm, Slugs, Snails, Leafhopper, Grasshopper, Armyworm, Flea Beetles, Grasshoppers, Leafminers, Thrips, Weevils, Darkling Beetles, Crickets, Corn Earworm, Earwig 


What diseases does Lettuce get?

 Leaf Drop, Downy Mildew, Mosaic Virus, Leaf Spot, Bottom Rot


Is there anything else I need to know about Lettuce?

Lettuce will bolt in warm weather (produce flower heads), bolting also causes the leaves to become tough and bitter.

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